Joint Shear Strength of Beam-Column Connections in Crumb Rubber Concrete


  • Fawad Ulhaq Department of Civil Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Pakistan


Crumb Rubber, Joint Shear, ACI 352, Beam-Column Connection, waste tyres


Environmental pollution is one of the most critical problems in today's world. In 2008, the global production of waste tyres was estimated at around one billion each year while four billion already exist in stockpiles and landfills. These waste tyres are Non-biodegradable and release toxic substances. In Pakistan, no reliable data is available about waste tyres. Only 12% of waste tyres are used as crumb rubber products while the remaining as energy sources or landfills. The waste tyres are also used in the construction industry to replace coarse aggregate or fine aggregates in shredded form or crumb powder form. Material-level research on crumb rubber concrete has already been carried out. The present research is about to check the joint shear strength of the roof corner joint with crumb rubber as sand replacement for different ratios. The ratios used were 10%, 15%, and 20%. Three samples of Beam-column joint for each ratio of crumb rubber as a sand replacement, scaled down to one-third, were prepared. For each ratio standard cylinders were also prepared to find the compressive strength as the joint shear capacity as per ACI 352 directly related to the compressive strength of concrete. To record the stain in the beam, longitudinal steel strain gauges were installed at the beam-column interface. After curing and drying the models were tested. The cracking load and strain in beam steel were used to calculate the joint shear. The results showed that the joint shear strength decreased with the increase of rubber content in concrete. Compared to joint shear capacity the calculated joint shear strength was very low. The ACI 352 overestimates the joint shear capacity with no confinement tie inside the joint area



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